Student Records Retention and Methods Policies

Private Occupational School Licensed by the Division of Professional Licensure under M.G.L. c. 112, § 263 must retain students’ records in accordance with the following record retention schedule:

Retention Period

The following records must retained for at least one (1) year from students’ graduation or separation from the school:  Results of all examinations and evaluations performed.

The following records must be retained for seven (7) years from student’s graduation or separation from the school:

  • Student attendance records, which reflect any leaves of absence (including information about the status of the leave), dates of completion (anticipated and actual), and dates students received diplomas or certificates;
  • The student’s signed enrollment contract, as well as any addendums, extensions, or amendments to that contract;
  • All records to support any effective dates of termination of an enrollment contract used in a  payment / refund calculation under 15.04(5) or (6);
  • Written progress reports that provide students with appropriate reports of progress at least once during the program or course (for courses with durations of thirty hours or more, a progress report must be provided by the time fifty percent of the course has been completed);
  • Records of any externships;
  • Copies of any student complaints;
  • School disciplinary reports; and
  • Students’ loan documents including disclosure forms and disbursement schedules.

The following records must be retained for a minimum of sixty (60) years. (These records will be transferred to DPL in the event of a school’s closure):

  • Documents reflecting payments made by or on behalf of students records of the form and dates of any payments; and,
  • Copies of the following, which must be signed by an authorized school representative:
    • Students’ official grades;
    • Certificates of completion; and,
    • Transcripts.

Method of Retention

Schools that want to store these records only in an electronic format should contact the Division to discuss requirements and best practices.

Schools seeking to keep students’ records electronically must complete an Electronic Records Waiver Request form to be submitted to DPL for approval.