Taunton State Hospital Secure Women’s Treatment Units

The Women's Recovery from Addictions Program (WRAP) at Taunton State Hospital will feature 35 new beds for substance use treatment services to women civilly committed under section 35. 

This project involves renovations to two existing buildings at Taunton State Hospital and has a two phased approach.

Project Details


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Phase 1: General Contractor: Contractor’s Network, Inc.
Cost: approx.$1M
Gross Square Feet: approx. 5,000
Substantial Completion: December 2015
Phase 2: Construction Manager: Bond Brothers
Cost: approx.$14M
Gross Square Feet: approx. 19,000
Substantial Completion: June 2016

In January, 2016, Governor Baker signed an act relative to civil commitments for alcohol and substance use disorders into law. This new law will ensure that women who are civilly committed for treatment under section 35 of chapter 123 of the General Laws are no longer committed to MCI-Framingham.

Project Features

Phase 1:  CAIN 3rd Floor - 15-BED UNIT

  • Minor renovations of approx. 5,000 GSF (former DMH inpatient unit most recently used for DMH offices)
  • Interior upgrades include: reconfigure bedroom, add a CCTV system, panic buttons, repainting, and replacing various fittings and devices for security and safety concerns
  • Program: 15 beds, multi-purpose/dining, dayroom, outdoor porch, offices, therapy, exam, seclusion, secure intake on 1st floor

Phase 2:  CHAMBERS 1st Floor - 30-BED UNIT

  • Major renovations of approx. 19,500 GSF (former DMH inpatient unit)
  • Two wings with double and single bedrooms, treatment, dining, day room, lounge, fitness room, offices, secure intake area, secure active and passive outdoor recreation areas

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