VL 600.2 Medical Reason

Click on the case numbers below to access eligibility decisions addressing whether a claimant’s medical reasons for resigning created urgent, compelling, and necessitous circumstances.

0017 4854 67

0017 4854 67 (Nov. 22, 2016) — The combination of the claimant’s medical condition of stress and anxiety, recent discipline for poor work performance, and an inability to obtain a transfer or get more help with her job duties created urgent, compelling, and necessitous circumstances for resigning.  A two week notice to afford the employer an opportunity to find a replacement and leave on good terms did not render claimant’s reasons for leaving less urgent.

0011 7414 02

0011 7414 02 (Aug. 18, 2014) — The claimant failed to prove an urgent, compelling, and necessitous reason for leaving employment, where his medical evidence was a general history and failed to state that he could not do his job or that his condition was so debilitating the he could not communicate his condition to the employer or attempt to preserve his job at the time he left.


BR-110773 (Jan. 27, 2010) — Even if the claimant's credibility was in doubt, the review examiner may not ignore competent medical evidence that claimant's medical condition rendered him unable to either perform, or make efforts to preserve, his job.  Majority held this to be an involuntary separation, rendering claimant eligible for benefits.


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