VL 600.5 Incarceration

Click on the case numbers below to access eligibility decisions, where the Board decides whether being in jail rendered a claimant’s separation from employment due to urgent, compelling, and necessitous circumstances.

017 5069 40

017 5069 40 (Sept. 9, 2016) – The claimant voluntarily separated from employment without good cause attributable to the employer or urgent, compelling, and necessitous reasons, where the findings and record reflect that he chose to engage in conduct that warranted his incarceration and consequent inability to show up for work for three consecutive days.  Thus, he abandoned his job.

0015 9093 69

0015 9093 69 (Sept. 2, 2016) – A claimant, who missed work because he was incarcerated on felony charges, involuntarily separated from work for urgent, compelling, and necessitous reasons, where the claimant denied engaging in any wrongdoing and the record contains no other evidence of such wrongdoing.  On this record, his arrest and prolonged incarceration were due to circumstances beyond his control.


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