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W-2 health insurance data

Information on reporting health insurance benefits on employees' W-2 forms

Offline Agencies and Municipalities

If your agency or municipality employs 250 or more employees, you are required under federal health reform to report the value of each employee’s health insurance benefit on their W-2 form. The GIC will send you this data upon request.  The value of the employer’s contribution to health coverage continues to be excludable from an employee's income and it is not taxable.

How to Request Data for Your Employees’ W-2 Forms

You may use your own records to identify the value of the GIC health care provided by your agency/community or upon request the GIC will provide you with that data.  If you wish to have the GIC send the data to you for your W-2s, please send a request in writing by December 15, 2020, to Stacie Hickey, GIC Operations Division, PO Box 556, Randolph, MA 02368.  This request must be on letterhead and signed by the appropriate legal representative of the public authority, as defined in M.G.L. c.32B s.2.  In a City, the request must be signed by the City Manager or the Mayor, in a Town by the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, in a regional school district, by the Chairman of the Regional School District Committee, and for offline agencies, the Agency Head.  Please include your agency/division number.  You may attach the letter to an email or send it via mail; if sending by mail, include an email address for the data transfer.  These data will be provided in a standard format via the Commonwealth’s Secure Email delivery system (SFED).