Web-based MAGIC System

We rolled out an all new MAGIC eligibility system in April. This web-based system has an intuitive easy to use look and navigation and gives you additional capabilities:
  • View your employee roster online;
  • Update your agency Coordinator, mailing address, and email information;
  • Receive news and alerts; and
  • For state agencies, request Evidence of Insurability for late enrollments of Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

HRCMS and UMass Webinars

You can view the HRCMS and UMass Magic Online Webinar on YouTube

Magic Municipal Webinars

You can view  the MAGIC Intro for Municipalities Webinar on YouTube

You can view the MAGIC Search & Personal Info for Municipalities Webinar on YouTube.

You can view the MAGIC Coverages for Municipalities Webinar on YouTube.

You can view the MAGIC Reports & Admin for Municipalities Webinar on YouTube

Access to MAGIC

HRCMS, UMass and Municipal Coordinators, log into MAGIC

Questions and Access Help

Contact:  MAGIC Help

Offline Agencies

Access to the MAGIC eligibility system for offline agencies will be rolled out later this year.


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