Welcome Letter

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Foster/Adoptive Parent Eligibility Screening Application.

A letter from DCF Commissioner, Linda Spears

Dear Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parent Applicant,

The Department of Children and Families welcomes your interest in becoming a foster or pre-adoptive family. Foster and pre-adoptive families are essential members of the DCF team who help give children a nurturing and safe family experience. We look to our foster and pre-adoptive families to help each child have stability and the opportunity to heal so that each one can grow to reach their individual potential.

Over the years, I have observed firsthand the kind of qualities that help foster and pre-adoptive families succeed with children in their care. These include a tremendous generosity of spirit; a good sense of humor; strong communication and problem-solving skills; the ability to support both the physical and emotional needs of the child and their family of origin; and the willingness to ask for help when they need it.

Because of the awesome responsibilities of caring for children, the Department must carefully screen all applicants to be sure that this work is a good fit for you and for the children we serve. We appreciate the time that you take to fully complete this application and recognize the outstanding commitment you are making by embarking on the process of eligibility, application, training, preparation, and finally licensing to become a foster or pre-adoptive parent.

Thank you so much for your interest in, and dedication to, the safety and well being of the children of the Commonwealth.

Linda Spears, Commissioner    

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