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Well Database

Web-based searchable database of groundwater wells

The MassDEP Well Driller Program has created a database of groundwater wells in Massachusetts. This information is used by the well drilling industry; local, state and Federal government; and the general public. There are various types of wells that can be found in this database such as: drinking water wells; irrigation wells; geothermal wells; and industrial wells.  Access to this data is through the EEA Data Portal.   

EEA Data Portal

When using the EEA Data Portal there are various ways you can search for well data.  You can search for wells by: City/Town, Well ID, well type, date range or work performed.

It must be understood that this data is "as-is" and while we make an effort to maintain quality, the data has been provided to a great extent from cards which had been submitted to the Program and then entered by hand.  These cards date back to 1962.  Recently, records have been entered electronically by the drillers themselves.

The new version of the database has discontinued the mapping portion in order to improve the location information for the wells.  The information that is collected on the well forms has changed several times since 1962; a Latitude and Longitude has only been required for about the last 15 years.  A future phase of this project will include tracking down the location data for the tens of thousands of wells without that information.

If you are a well-driller, continue to fill in the location data if you are reporting and registering well information so we can provide viewers the most current data.


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