Worcester County Sheriff’s Office - Building 8 Warehouse

Project for renovation of the Warehouse Bldg. #8 at the Worcester County Jail & HOC in West Boylston.

Building 8 houses both the central laundry facility and the main network server for the campus and four classroom spaces. The structure’s original thirty-year-old façade and roof have deteriorated and need updating. 

Project Details

worcester county sheriff's office building eight

Designer:  Civitects Architecture
Project Type: CM at Risk
Construction Manager: To be determined
Gross Square Feet: 23,052
Estimated Project Cost: $12,187,880.00
Estimated Substantial Completion Date: Summer 2024

    Project Features

    • New facade to replace failed EIFS skin
    • Upgraded classroom space
    • New elevator and toilet rooms on both floors to achieve an accessible facility
    • Improved HVAC, set up to support other future interior development
    • Visitation from Building 9