Worcester County Sheriff’s Office - Building 8 Warehouse

This project involves the rehabilitation and phased renovation of an existing two-story warehouse building.

Project Details

building 8 warehouse

Study and Project Designer:  STV Architects
Project Type:  Design, Bid, Build
General Contractor:  To be determined
Gross Square Feet: 20,000
Estimated Project Cost:  $6,500,000
Est. Substantial Completion Date: Summer 2021

Rehabilitation and phased renovation of an existing two-story warehouse building which contains the laundry for the Jail and House of Correction, the campus’s IT infrastructure, facilities for visitors to converse with inmates, and classrooms.

The building will be provided with a new exterior facade, and the first phase of interior renovations.

Project Features

  • New facade to replace failed EIFS skin

  • Upgraded classroom space

  • New elevator and toilet rooms on both floors to achieve an accessible facility

  • Improved HVAC, set up to support other future interior development