transcript Avoid problems with wildlife

Massachusetts is home to a variety of wild animals

Silhouettes of many different animals – a bear, a deer, a raccoon, and more – are shown in a forest area.

Many live near residential areas

We zoom out and see that the forest area with the animals above is located directly next to houses and apartment buildings.

Usually animals don’t interact with humans

But when they do, they can cause problems.

Three photographs pop up – a black bear trying to get into a birdfeeder, a wild turkey standing up against a glass window, and a skunk standing on a welcome mat outside a door.

Animals that get food or shelter from people

Footage of a wild fox eats out of a pet bowl on someone’s porch.

Spend more time in neighborhoods

A black bear relaxes on a lawn, eating discarded hot dog and hamburger buns.

And can lose their natural fear of humans

A coyote ventures across a freshly-cut lawn, unafraid.

Never deliberately feed any wildlife

Wild animals don’t need handouts to survive

Wild turkeys huddle around a pile of birdseed.

Keep garbage and compost in secure containers

In night-vision, we see a raccoon rummaging through an open trash can.

And wait until the morning before bringing them out to the curb

An individual wheels their garbage can out to the front curb during the day.

Always feed pets indoors

A pub eats from its bowl in the safety of their home.

And accompany them when they leave the house

A golden retriever is walked by a handler on leash outside.

Remove bird feeders from your property

They attract more than just birds!

A squirrel tries to get into a hanging bird feeder.

You can attract birds naturally with water and native plants

A group of birds rests at a bird bath.

Seal spaces under decks and sheds, and entries to attics

So animals can’t find shelter in your home or yard

Two rabbits emerge from a small crack underneath a shed.

Keep wildlife wild

Outside of a house, a silhouette of a bear swipes at a birdfeeder, rabbits sit underneath a deck, and a raccoon waits by an open trash can. One by one, the birdfeeder is replaced by a bird bath, the area underneath the deck is fenced off, and the trash can is closed with a lid. We zoom out to show the house is right next to a forest area with a variety of animals inside. A person on the deck of the house watches the animals from afar through binoculars.

Learn about the animals that live near you and get tips for minimizing problems

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