transcript  Division of Marine Fisheries Recreational Saltwater Fishing Video

Audio Script for Get your Saltwater Fishing Permit video

Note for audio recording: The text in bold is the primary text on the screen, followed by a description of any graphics or supplementary text. Suggest more emphasis on bolded text.

Get a saltwater fishing permit before you drop a line off the coast
The screen shows images of fish swimming under water. A red fishing lure drops from the top of the screen and swings back and forth under the water.

You need one to fish in saltwater areas of Massachusetts if you’re 16 or older
A vertical line representing a fishing line pulls an image of the shape of Massachusetts from the bottom of the screen and the text appears within the shape of Massachusetts.

Carry it on you or keep an electronic copy on your phone
The screen shows images of a saltwater fishing permit and of a mobile phone with a saltwater fishing permit on its screen.

Permits are valid through the end of every calendar year
The screen shows an image of a saltwater fishing permit. The fishing permit includes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries seals. The permit includes the text Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. The permit also shows fields for Customer ID, Name, Address and Expiration Date. The expiration date on the permit is December 31, 2017.

So renew yours if it’s expired
The screen shows the saltwater fishing permit from the previous screen. The expiration date changes from December 31, 2017 to December 31, 2018. The color of the text of the expiration date changes from red to green and a green check mark appears below the expiration date.

There are 3 ways to get or renew a permit

In person at an official retailer or the Division of Marine Fisheries
The screen shows an image of a building. The building has a sign on it with the text Salty Sam’s Bait Shack & Tackle. There is an image of a fish on the sign. The building has an open sign swinging on its door.

By calling (866) 703-1925
The screen shows a mobile phone dialing the telephone number (866) 703-1925. The mobile phone then disappears off the bottom of the screen.

Or online at Mass Fish Hunt
The screen shows a computer screen. There is an image of the Mass Fish Hunt web page on the computer screen.

All revenue from permit sales goes towards improving saltwater fishing in Massachusetts

Get yours today and start reeling in your catch!

Get your saltwater fishing permit
A click here button appears on screen and links to