transcript Electronically filing, or e-filing, is a quick, easy, and secure way to file a tax return

Electronically filing, or e-filing, is a quick, easy, and secure way to file a tax return

A button that reads “Submit” appears on the screen. A mouse curser moves to click it, and the button transforms into a green circle with a check mark in the middle of it, with the word “Done” appearing in green above it.

Most Massachusetts residents qualify for free e-file

An outline of Massachusetts is shown in blue.

Any Massachusetts resident filing a personal income tax return can e-file through commercial software

A computer monitor shows the dashboard of a generic e-filing program.

You’ll be walked through the process, instead of filling out a paper form on your own

The camera zooms in on the computer screen and the words “Fill in your info” pop up in green. Empty sections on the form are highlighted in green, and filled in.

This cuts down on the chances you’ll need to edit or amend your return later

A section of the form above is highlighted in orange, and an orange triangle pops up with an exclamation point in the center. The section is edited, and turns green with a green check mark replacing the exclamation point.

Feel safe knowing that all of the information you enter is secure

We zoom out of the computer monitor, and it transforms into a safe, which is shut and locked.

The speedy process and speedier turnaround mean e-filing is the fastest way to get your refund

A mailbox opens, and we see cobwebs on the inside. It drops out of screen and a computer monitor showing the generic e-filing program replaces it. A mouse curser clicks and the message “Tax Refund Deposited” pops up.

Especially at the beginning of the season

A calendar showing “January” is filled out, and the page is ripped off to show “February.”

Visit to learn about approved software vendors and free filing options

Get your refund sooner

A computer monitor shows a generic e-filing software screen, complete with a “Submit” button. A cursor clicks the button and a message reading “Refund processed” appears. Soon after, a pop-up window reading “Refund deposited” appears.

Learn how to e-file your tax return

A Start Here button appears and links to