transcript  Executive Order No 614: Establishing the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board

The Executive Order I signed today creates a Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board. This board will help drive the work of making all of our digital services fully accessible. Secretary Jason Snyder, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security.

To meet these needs I am thrilled to announce that this week we'll be posting the application for the Chief IT Accessibility Officer. Through ongoing monitoring, support for testing and the definition of real standards the digital accessibility and equity program will keep the issue of equitable digital access at the forefront of website and application development.

Julia O'Leary, Chief Counsel, MOD. As more state business moves online, it's critical that both Commonwealth employees and members of the public have access to the Commonwealth's digital services. Kim Charlson, Perkins Library.

When technological access for people with disabilities is available, it can be a powerful tool to overcome isolation, encourage people to build meaningful relationships, empower engagement, and allow for integrated participation as full members of their communities and beyond.

This order outlines who will serve on this board and the right players will be at the table—nothing about us without us. Governor Healy and Kim Charlson stand together talking. Text: Read Executive Order number 614, Establishing the Digital Accessibility and Equity Governance Board accessibility.