transcript  How Can The SHINE Program Help With Your Medicare Questions?

Meet Sherry. Sherry is turning 65 and needs to sign up for Medicare but she has received so much mail about it and has looked at so many websites. She's confused about what to do next.

This is Carlos. Carlos always had quality health care from his employer and never had to think too much about it. Now he has Medicare and it seems he's on his own to figure out when and how to make changes or what it does and doesn't cover.

Here's Justine she's been on Medicare for years but Medicare seems to keep changing. The costs keep going up but her Social Security check doesn't. She's worried.

Meet Dwayne. Dwayne's mother's losing her hearing and she doesn't use computers. She needs Dwayne's help but he's busy with a full-time job and finding it hard to figure it out all by himself.

Meet Susan. Susan doesn't understand why Medicare didn't cover a recent health care bill.

This is Randy. Randy doesn't know the difference.

This is Jin. [voices overlap]

Nationally there are more than 55 million people on Medicare and each day nearly 10,000 new people enroll. While Medicare seems to be daunting, it doesn't have to be.

That's where SHIP comes in. SHIP is your State Health Insurance Assistance Program. SHIPS provide local trusted and unbiased help for Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers. Get face-to-face personalized guidance on Medicare from trained and knowledgeable SHIP counselors who live in your area. State Health Insurance Assistance Program. Local, trusted, and unbiased Medicare help.