transcript  How PFML is different than FMLA

PFML is our state-offered law, separate from the Family and Medical Leave act, or FMLA. The two laws have differences in who and what they cover.

A green circle labeled “FMLA” floats next to a blue circle labeled “PFML.”

Even if your business is exempt from FMLA, you probably still have to participate in PFML.

The circles float away. FMLA is spelled out as “Family and Medical Leave Act” in green. Below, PFML is spelled out as “Paid Family and Medical Leave” in blue. Between the two, a “not equals” sign emerges.

FMLA only applies to employers with over 50 employees.

A group of green workers pops up

PFML applies to all Massachusetts employers, regardless of the size of their workforce.

An outline of Massachusetts emerges, with a variety of different types of buildings in the center, representing different types of businesses.

FMLA is a federal law that provides certain employees with unpaid, protected leave for specific family or medical related reasons.

A man stands up from his desk and walks over to a woman in a hospital bed, holding a newborn child. Below them, in green, text reads: “UNPAID protected family and medical leave for CERTAIN employees.

Most Massachusetts employees can get paid leave through PFML.

Beneath the same man and woman, blue text reads: “PAID protected family and medical leave for ALL MA workers. A blue envelope labeled “PFML – Family Leave Paycheck” floats down.

Additionally, our Massachusetts PFML law also has differences in eligibility waiting periods, and other distinctions

On-screen text reads: “Different eligibility waiting periods”

Most Massachusetts businesses are subject to our PFML law, and most must make PFML contributions on behalf of their employees.

A group of blue buildings representing different types of MA businesses pop up. Above them, text reads: “Most MA businesses are subject to PFML law.”

And Massachusetts businesses with over 50 employees are subject to both PFML and FMLA laws,

A large building representing a business with over 50 employees is encircled in a blue and green circle.

The same way all businesses are subject to both state and federal tax laws

Two books pop up: A blue book labeled “State Tax” with a picture of Massachusetts, and a green book labeled “Federal Tax” with a picture of the United States.

Learn more about what PFML means for your business.

The on-screen text reads: “Learn more about what PFML means for your business.” Button links to: