transcript  How to Request an Employer Reimbursement

If you’re a Massachusetts employer who did not seek an exemption from Paid Family & Medical Leave and you made leave payments to an employee, you may be eligible for reimbursement.       

On-screen text reads: “Eligible employers can be reimbursed for Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) payments their private plan made to an employee”

Eligible payments include those made from an employer’s self-insured benefit plan for either their temporary disability policy or PFML policy and payments made from an extended illness leave bank.  

On-screen text reads:

“What types of payments are eligible?” with two bullet points that light up as they are read:

  • “Temporary disability policy or PFML policy”
  • “Extended illness leave bank”

To file for a reimbursement, an employee must first file an application for PFML.

Animated “STEP 1” appears than on-screen text: “An employee must complete a PFML application”

An employee has 90 days from the time they go on leave to complete their PFML application.

An animation appears of 3 months of calendar pages with X and 90th day circled

Employer reimbursement requests will not be allowed when an employee’s application is filed over 90 calendar days from start of their leave.                                                                                                       

Animation continues with 90th day circled on same calendar with an asterix that reads: “Employer reimbursement requests will not be allowed when an employee’s application is filed over 90 calendar days from start of their leave.”

Employees will need an email address, proof of identity, and documents verifying their reason for going on leave.

Animation that zooms in on computer, then shows an email icon, drawing of a photo ID, and mockup of a certification documents.

If you haven’t already registered a DFML leave administrator account, you will need to create one for your organization.

Animated “STEP 2” appears than on-screen text: “Your organization must have an employer account”

The process is quick and easy and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.          

Animation: Scrolling shot of “Create an employer account” page being filled out followed by the ‘Create account’ button being clicked with a stopwatch next to the page showing seconds arm spinning and ‘less than 15 minutes’ revealed when it spins around.

While going over the application, there are a couple of things you need to do to apply for reimbursement.

Animated “STEP 3” appears than on-screen text that reads: “Apply for reimbursement”                               

You must request reimbursement through a link on the dashboard.

Image of screen with link to form for reimbursement

To fill out the reimbursement form, you will need to gather some information.  

Animation of form scrolls on left while on-screen text appears that reads:Including:

  • “Your employee’s NTN case number”
  • “A copy of your policy”
  • “The dates and amounts of payments issued 

And indicate in the open text field of the review page that you are seeking reimbursement, so the department doesn’t act on the application.                                                                                                      

Image of screen with open text field and content started reading: “I am applying for reimbursement…”

Learn more about how to request a reimbursement.

On screen text only with clickable button that links to: