transcript  How to Sign Up for Financial Wellness through Enrich

  • Every Massachusetts state employee and retiree has access to the free Financial Wellness portal through Enrich.


  • If you want to learn more about financial topics like online banking, saving for goals, and retirement, here’s how to get started.


  • First, visit


  • This is where you can sign up for an account, access financial resources, and learn more about seasonal opportunities.


  • Click on the top button to create your account. On the next page, click on “sign up” on the top right and fill in your information. Be sure to start typing Massachusetts and then click on the drop-down option to ensure the form is formatted properly.


  • Once you have an account, the best place to get started is to fill out your checkup. After answering some questions, the portal will provide you with recommendations on resources tailored specifically to your financial situation.


  • Another great tool is the Money Personality tool, a behavioral assessment that will help you understand your attitude toward money.


  • The portal also features a variety of articles, courses, tools, and other resources to help you make informed financial decisions throughout your lifetime.


  • Whenever you have a question or want to learn more about a financial topic, you can login to Financial Wellness at any time.