transcript  Learn About SNAP

Words spoken: The supplemental nutrition assistance program or SNAP formerly known as food stamps is monthly money for food for Massachusetts residents.

Visual: SNAP logo. Hand appears, snapping their fingers. Words SNAP appear and then spell out Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on the screen.  

Words spoken: After you apply you'll get a SNAP EBT card in the mail which can be used like a debit card for food shopping. SNAP gives you the freedom to shop for your own food, food that you like that meets your dietary needs, allergy restrictions and cultural preferences.

Visual: Hand holding a phone with SNAP logo and words apply on the phone. Hand clicks apply and then an EBT card shows.

Words spoken: You can buy food at most grocery corner stores and farmers markets and buy food online at select stores for pickup or delivery.

Visual: Different food items in a food basket next to a machine to swipe your EBT card. EBT card is swiped. Different stores appear (farmers market, grocery store) next to the food basket. The food basket then moves and appears on a phone above an order button. Hand clicks order button and a door appears. The door opens to show the food basket.

Words spoken: Even if you're not a US citizen or an eligible immigrant you can still apply to get SNAP for an eligible family member like your U.S. citizen child. Using SNAP does not impact you or your kids immigration status. It is safe to use SNAP.

Visual: Words appear on the screen: "If you are not a US citizen or eligible immigrant." Hand snaps their fingers again. A small hand and large hand appear and hold hands. Words appear on the screen: "It is safe to get SNAP." 

Words spoken: The amount of SNAP you will get is based on who you buy and make most of your meals with. You need to apply with certain family members who live with you, like your spouse or children under age 22.

Visual: Food basket shown again. Table appears with a woman and young girl holding a plate of food. Table grows as four more people appear and a dog. Hand snaps again.

Words spoken: SNAP it's money for food every month. Learn more by visiting the dta website or calling us directly.

Visual: Words on screen show: " DTA Assistance Line 877-382-2363. Ends with DTA's logo on a pink background.