transcript  Legal Marijuana in MA - What Parents Should Know

Marijuana is now legal for adult use in Massachusetts.

Only people 21 or older can buy or use marijuana products.

Now that marijuana is legal, parents are asking, what do we tell our kids?

The cannabis sold today is much more potent. It’s also available in a wider variety of products, like edibles and vaping devices that can appeal to your kids.

But children’s brains aren’t fully developed until their mid-20s.

And marijuana has been shown to impact brain development in youth. It can affect memory, cause learning problems, and increase risky behavior.

One of the most valuable steps you can take is to talk with your kids about marijuana.

You’re probably already having discussions about alcohol, tobacco, and opioids.

Now is the perfect time to add marijuana to that conversation.

Listen to what your kids have to say. Make sure they know that you want them to be healthy and safe. Give them the facts, but set clear rules about marijuana use.

By the way, if you have marijuana in your home, lock it up - out of reach and out of sight of children.

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