transcript  Mass4You EAP

Life can throw a lot at you

An empty calendar fills up in an instant.

From minor inconveniences.

A person stands next to a car with a flat tire.

To major decisions.

A couple look at a house with a “For Sale” sign out front.

Sometimes you just need a little help                  

A couple look at a house with a “For Sale” sign out front from previous frame remains on screen.

Mass4You is your 24-7 employee assistance program                  

Mass4You logo

We’re here for you

Inside and outside of the workplace                    

Split screen of an office building and a home.

Your benefits include:

Professional development                       

A professional pointing to things on a whiteboard.

Legal and financial counseling                 

Icons of a legal scale and a piggy bank.

Work Life referrals                      

A dogwalker with a dog on a leash, and a nurse next to an elderly couple.

Talk with a trained specialist

A friendly therapist in a chair with a notebook.

And substance use treatment                 

A person receiving a sobriety coin from a counselor.

At no cost to you                          

A bill and some coins disappear off screen.

Available to all eligible state employees and their dependents

Framed photos of different families appear on screen.

You don’t have to be enrolled in a GIC plan

No worries – you and your dependents are covered!

A green check mark appears on screen.


Icon of a smart phone appears on screen.


A smart phone with the Mass4YOU app home screen is on screen.

Use the access code mass4you

A laptop with the Mass4YOU website is on screen.

All calls and services provided are confidential in accordance with the law

Mass4You, making live possible

Mass4You logo

A button appears and links to: