transcript MassHire for Businesses - Workforce Board

Audio Script for MassHire Career Centers for Business Video Text Description

Note for audio recording:  The text in bold is the primary text on the screen, followed by a description of any graphics or supplementary text.  Suggest more emphasis on bolded text.

The MassHire logo appears on screen. The logo is a large letter M with two circles above it.

MassHire is here to help your business thrive
The MassHire logo flattens into a single green vertical line, which transforms into a corner store, and then a skyscraper.

Get started with MassHire today
The skyscraper fades away and the MassHire logo, a letter M with two circles above it, reappears. The logo disappears and is replaced with an image of a desktop computer. On the computer’s screen is the MassHire for Businesses page on at


Here’s what we can help you do

Hire qualified candidates
A circle is drawn. Inside the circle, two hands lower and shake. In a speech bubble, the hand on the left tells the hand on the right: “You’re hired!”

Access training grants for new and existing employees
A “$” dollar sign symbol is drawn, and a computer monitor appears behind it, surrounding the “$” dollar sign symbol. The computer monitor fades and is replaced by a lug nut,which  surrounds the “$” dollar sign. A wrench comes in from offscreen to rotate the lug nut.

Participate in a  job fair
The screen wipes and a green circle, a blue square, and a yellow square appear. The shapes transform into a person standing behind a desk in front of a wall that reads “Now Hiring.” A second person appears in front of the desk, and the two have a conversation through speech balloons that pop up.

Meet pre-screen applicants
The person, wall, and desk transform back into the green circle, blue square, and yellow square, and disappear. 24 grey symbols depicting anonymous people appear, in four rows of six. A magnifying glass comes in from offscreen and hovers over individual people in the grid, examining them. Some of the people turn green and are checked off as the magnifying glass passes over them, while others stay grey.

Learn how to avoid layoffs
The grid of people fades away, and a letter envelope zooms in from offscreen with pink paper reading “Immediate Dismissal” visible in the envelope’s address window. The envelope rotates and opens, and a pink paper reading “Layoffs” in large, black text comes out. The paper lowers back into the envelope, which is shut and rotated back to its original position. The envelope is crumpled into a ball and thrown in a trash can.  

Access safety grants
The envelope zooms offscreen. A paper scroll is unfurled with the image of a construction worker in a yellow hard hat on it. A medal pops up, and is pinned onto the scroll.

Bring your business to the next level

with support from MassHire

Get started with your local MassHire team today

The text above transforms into the MassHire logo.

A start here button appears on screen and links to