transcript  MCDHH Referral Department (2022)

MCDHH logo shown




Visual Description: 9 staff from Referral Services are in nine boxes, 4 men and 5 women in a Zoom platform, creating 3 x 3 format. They all each had varied backgrounds.

0:16: Show the zoom of Referral Staff waving “HELLO!”


Visual Description: David is a white man, wears a light blue long button-down dress shirt with red tie. He is standing against a purple background.

0:21: DAVID: Hello everyone!  My name is David Del Pizzo and I am the Referral Supervisor for the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing!   I would like to introduce you to the Interpreter/CART Referral Department which is known as the Referral Team.

0:43: DAVID: As you can see by the folks on our Referral Team waving their hands to greet you, we have 10 Referral staff who are responsible for a variety of tasks including: doing intake for new requests, as well as connecting and booking interpreters and CART providers on upcoming assignments.   We also connect with consumers to set up a profile of preferred and non-preferred interpreters. We also connect with and advise requesters, incorporating any feedback about the assignments.

1:16: DAVID: The whole process is to provide the best possible services for the community, and to make sure everyone is all on the same page. 

1:28: DAVID: Now, some of my staff will walk you through a few important things, such as the map of which regions each of our staff covers, as well as a couple of scenarios.   Enjoy the video!


1:45: This map shows the state of Massachusetts. There are five colored regions. Blue is Western. Green is Central. Yellow is Northeast. Dark blue is Boston Metro. And finally, purple is Southeast including Cape Cod and the Islands.


Visual Description: Scott is a white man with silver short hair and wears glasses. He wears a maroon sweater. He stands against a blue background.

2:06: SCOTT: You all just saw that cool map of the state of Massachusetts. It shows how we referral specialists and intake specialists split up our work by regions.

Visual Description: Hayley is a white woman, blonde, and wears a pink turtleneck sweater. Hayley stands against a blue background.

2:19: HAYLEY: The regions we cover are Northeast, Boston Metro, Southeast and Cape Cod and Islands, Central, and West. In some of these areas we would divide medical and mental health requests from general requests due to the high volume. We also have some referral specialists who handle statewide specialized requests in CART, Court and Legal, and Substance Use Disorder programs.

2:55: SCOTT: Now, how do you make your interpreter and/or CART request?

3:04: HAYLEY: First step is to submit request online or by phone call through front desk. You will need to specify what type of service you need: ASL Interpreting, Deaf Interpreting, Deaf/Blind Interpreting, Oral Transliterating, or CART. You will need to state if the event will be taking place virtually or in-person. You will need to provide billing contact information so that the provider will be able to bill their invoices directly. You will need to provide the nature of the assignment in detail. This is to make sure that the interpreter with the right skill set and years of experience is booked for your request. If there are insufficient details provided, the services may be mismatched. We do not want that.

4:06: HAYLEY: The second step will be the Intake Specialist will review and process the request by editing any necessary information including billing, contact person, nature of the assignment, and consumer names.

4:27: HAYLEY: The third step is the Intake Specialist assigning the request to the appropriate region.

4:39: SCOTT: The fourth step is the referral specialist will be notified of the new request in their respective region by intake.

4:47: SCOTT: The fifth step is the referral specialist will review the request and look for the interpreter who is the right fit for that assignment.

5:01: SCOTT: The sixth step is the referral specialist will process the request with the interpreter and/or CART provider when one is found.

5:09: SCOTT: The seventh step is the referral specialist will send in a confirmation email to the interpreter, CART provider, and the requester.

5:22: SCOTT: The eighth step is if there is no interpreter/CART provider available the referral specialist will inform the requester of the status two full business days in advance of the date services are being requested as per our published, standard business practices.

5:45: HAYLEY: Now let’s see the whole thing in action! Please watch the following role play!


5:55: Black Screen with text showing: ASL REQUEST FOR DENTAL CLEANING APPOINTMENT

Visual Description: Deaf Person is a man wears a long black sleeves shirt and a grey jogger pants. He had a white N95 mask. Dentist is a white woman wears the scrub outfit and had a white N95 mask.

6:01: DEAF PERSON shows up at a dental appointment; met with dentist.

DENTIST: Hello! There!

DEAF: Oh wait. I am Deaf. I need ASL Interpreting.

DENTIST: Ok this is a problem. We are gonna need to communicate. You are gonna need an interpreter.

DEAF:  Gestures “type the request online”

DENTIST: OK why don’t you write it down for me?

DEAF: (writes down the information)

DENTIST: (sees the information) AH Okay! CALL MCDHH. OK. I will do that.

DEAF: (gives dentist with two thumbs ups)

DENTIST: (Responded back with one thumb up)

DEAF: leaves the room

DENTIST: (takes a deep breath)

Visual Description: The intake specialist is a woman wears glasses and a black blouse. She had laptop on the left and the computer with a NTouch Videophone attached on the right. She is sitting at her desk and is visible signing in the middle. Background is a white wall with large windows on the far right and left.

6:40: INTAKE: (noticed new ASL request came in) I need to call the Dental office. (dialing)

Visual Description: Dentist is a woman sitting at her desk. The background is purple wall with tan on the bottom. She had a telephone on the right and a computer on the left. The clipboard and a textbook are stacked up and are at between them. The dentist had glasses on and wears black jacket and a pink blouse.

(ringing) (ringing)

INTAKE: Hello!

DENTIST: Hello! Thank you for calling the dental office of Dr. Smith.

INTAKE: I see that you have made an ASL Interpreter request. I need to clarify the purpose of your request because you mentioned “Dental appointment” for the deaf patient that takes place in two weeks. What is it for?

DENTIST: Oh yes – that patient will be coming in for a dental cleaning.

INTAKE: Ok thank you! Bye!

DENTIST: Ok great! Thank you! Bye! (hangs up)

INTAKE: (hangs up)

INTAKE: (sends request to Referral Specialist)

Visual Description: Referral Specialist is a black man sitting at the desk and had a laptop on the table. There is an empty chair next to him. The background is a white wall and large windows with blinds on. The lady, an interpreter, showed up in a bit.

7:39: REFERRAL: (Saw the request) AHA! Ok this is a dental cleaning appointment. This Deaf patient needs an ASL Interpreter. I need to look for an appropriate interpreter…

INTERPRETER: (approached the Referral Specialist with calendar book in the hands and then points to the date of availability)

INTERPRETER: Hey! I am available! I can do this dental cleaning appointment! Book me!

REFERRAL: Ok great! I will send a confirmation through email! Thank you!

INTERPRETER: THANK YOU! (leaves the room)

REFERRAL: (sends confirmation)

8:05: “2 weeks later…”

8:08: Deaf person comes into the office. Dentist and Interpreter approached the deaf patient.

Deaf and Interpreter acknowledged each other.


DEAF: Hello!

DENTIST: You are here for a teeth cleaning, correct?

DEAF: Yes! I am here for a teeth cleaning.

DENTIST: Ok! Follow me!

(Dentist leading the Deaf person and interpreter to the room)


8:31: Black Screen with text showing: CART REQUEST FOR SHORT STAFF MEETING

Visual Description: Manager is a woman, had the shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She holds the planner and read aloud. She had a purple cardigan with purple/white patterned shirt underneath. The deaf employee is a black man wears a red polo shirt and black dress pants. The background had the office cubicles and some rooms. This is in a hallway.

8:35: MANAGER: *look at calendar* AH! We have a staff meeting in two weeks! I need to ask my deaf employee for his communication preference.

(Deaf Employee came in through hallway, approaching the manager)



MANAGER: Ok so we have a short staff meeting in two weeks. I need to request for your communication access. Which one do you prefer: CART or ASL Interpreter?

DEAF EMPLOYEE: Oh! Hmm. I prefer CART.

MANAGER: Ok great! I will contact MCDHH to send in a CART request! Is that alright with you?

DEAF EMPLOYEE: Ok! Thank you! *leaves the hallway to enter a room*

MANAGER: (leaves the hallway, enters her office, and then sends in CART request to MCDHH).

Visual Description: Intake Specialist is a blonde woman wearing a green sweater. She sits down at the desk, visibly looking at the laptop. Background is the wall with black curtains shown half of the right. The plant is shown on the right, situated on the décor table against the curtain.

9:29: INTAKE: (noticed new cart request came in) (dialing)

Visual Description: Manager is a woman, had the dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She holds the planner and read aloud. She had a purple cardigan with purple/white patterned shirt underneath. She is in the office, had a telephone on the left and computer on the right on her desk.

MANAGER: (ringing) (picks up the phone) Hello! This is Tracy.

INTAKE: Hello! I am calling from Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I see you have placed a CART request for a staff meeting. Can you please tell me how many people will be attending the meeting?

MANAGER: Oh that meeting? Umm. There is only going to be 3 of us, so it’s a small meeting.                                                                                                

INTAKE: Thank you for the added details. I have updated your request and will send you a confirmation shortly. Have a great day.  

MANAGER: Ok great! Have a good day! (hangs up)

INTAKE: (hangs up) (sends update to requester) (sends request to referral specialist)

Visual Description: Referral Specialist is a white man with glasses and had short black hair. The background is cornered walls, the left wall had purple and the right had white. He is sitting at the desk. On his desk, there is a telephone on left, some papers in the middle, and a laptop on the right.

10:21: REFERRAL SPECIALIST: AH! I see this meeting needs a CART provider, but I know there are no on-site providers available at that time. But I remember I just cancelled Rachel from a remote assignment for the same time and date. I wonder if remote would work?

REFERRAL: (dialing)

MANAGER: (phone ringing) Hello! This is Tracy.

REFERRAL: Hi! This is Fred from Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am working on your CART request for your staff meeting in 2 weeks.

MANAGER: Oh yes, that is right.

REFERRAL: Onsite CART is hard to find. I was wondering if the meeting can be done remotely so I can confirm a CART provider for the meeting? I have a CART provider who can meet through Zoom. Is it possible for your meeting to go remote?

MANAGER: OK great thank you. Yes, let’s do it!

REFERRAL: OK great. Thank you. I will send an email confirmation. You can contact the CART provider and share the zoom link and prep materials.

MANAGER: Got it! Looking forward to receiving the confirmation. Thanks again! Have a great day! (hangs up)

REFERRAL: (hangs up) (sends confirmation)

12:01: a black screen showing “2 weeks later…”

12:05: Visual Description: Zoom Meeting showing the manager, deaf employee, and hearing coworker.  

CART Provider popped in. Other three people acknowledged the provider. Then CART Provider disappeared to begin the work.


COWORKER AND DEAF PERSON: (nodding in unison)

Visual Description: Denise is a white woman with long brown hair and wears a black blouse shirt. She is against a blue background.

12:25: DENISE: You just saw two examples of the types of requests that the referral department handles.  But there are many more! 

Visual Description:  Kathryn is a white woman with long dirty blonde hair—her hair is half pulled back into a ponytail and wears a black blouse shirt. She is against a blue background.

12:36: KATHRYN: We receive requests for all different kinds of interpreting: specialized Deaf Interpreting/Certified Deaf Interpreting, ASL, PSE, oral transliterating, Signed English or transliterating, sign-supported oral interpreting, Deaf-Blind interpreting, just to name a few.  We also receive requests for CART services.  The location can be onsite anywhere in Massachusetts or remote. 

13:18: DENISE: Some of the types of requests we receive are: employment interviews, meetings and trainings; medical and mental health appointments/procedures; SUD meetings; court proceedings; legal interactions from law enforcement to attorney/client meetings to administrative law hearings, and everything in between; press conferences, public events and rallies; State college and university classes; weddings, parties and funerals; kids summer camp; parent/teacher and other school meetings for parents; conferences such as expos, teachers’ conferences, and scientific conferences; museum and art gallery tours and events; public hearings and political events like press conferences. And so much more!

14:54: KATHRYN: If there is anything you need, let us know!

14:59: DAVID: We hope you enjoyed our video about how the Referral Team works.  We hope you learned something new! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions by sending me an email,  You can call me at this number through Front Desk, 617-740-1600.  We are more than happy to receive your feedback! Thank you!




15:28: Black slide with text shows:

David Del Pizzo


15:37: Showing the zoom of Referral Staff waving “Good Bye!”

15:40: Credits


Produced as of February 2022

Creative Team

Anthony Harrison: Producer
Anthony Harrison: Video Editor
Anthony Harrison: Director
Adrienne Woumnm: Assistant Director
Tsana Dimanin: Voice Over Interpreter
Tsana Dimanin: Interpreter
Rachel Judelson: Interpreter
Lena Jenny: Interpreter
Michael Herschberg: Interpreter

Interpreter/CART Referral Department

Cat Dvar: Communication Access Services Director

David Del Pizzo: Referral Supervisor
Karen Sawyer: Referral Team
Shannon LaMarche: Referral Team
Hayley Bernard: Referral Team
Kathryn Luckett: Referral Team
Denise Cunniff: Referral Team
Scott LeSaffre: Referral Team
Adrienne Woumnm: Referral Team
Anthony Harrison: Referral Team
Michael Herschberg: Referral Team
Vanessa Saperstein: Referral Team