transcript  New and Leased Car Lemon Law


Is the car you just picked up a lemon?  

An image of a black sports utility vehicle appears on screen. The image of the vehicle is then replaced by an image of a lemon.

If you purchased or leased a new car, or bought a used car with serious problems

You may be protected by Massachusetts Lemon Law

An image of a lemon appears on screen.

A car may be eligible for Lemon Law compensation if

It was bought in Massachusetts

An image of a new car showroom appears on screen. A man is sitting at a desk and his hand is shown grasping money. The hand of another person is shown receiving a vehicle title document. There is a sound effect of a motor vehicle starting up.

It’s used for personal or family purposes

An image of a woman driving a car appears on screen. She stops the car next to a man and a young girl who are waving at her as she waves back at them. There is a sound effect of a car horn honking.   

It is a brand new car or a used car with fewer than 125,000 miles on the odometer at the date of sale

An image of the car’s odometer appears on screen quickly running up until hitting 125,000 miles and stopping. The numbers on the odometer turn red.

Used cars with over 125,000 miles may still be eligible if they fail inspection within 7 days after purchase

You discover within the time of warranty it has a serious problem

Smoke billows out of the same car from before on the side of the road. The camera then pans to pages flying off of a day calendar, stopping on a page that reads “End of Warranty” in red.

You tell the original dealer about the problem

An image of a car in a service shop appears on screen. The car is on a lift and is being elevated. The car’s hood is up.

And they do not fix it before the warranty runs out

The camera zooms in to the car’s engine and a wrench appears on screen. Pages flying off of a day calendar, stopping on a page that reads “End of Warranty” appears on screen next to the car. A red X appears on screen over the wrench.

If your new or used car meets the criteria, you may be eligible for a refund

An image of a new car showroom appears on screen. An image of the man who received money earlier in the video appears on screen and gives the money back to the woman who appeared earlier driving the car and waving to her family. The car then drives across the showroom and exits the screen.

Get compensation for your lemon

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