transcript Paid Family and Medical Leave for workers

If you work in Massachusetts, you’re likely covered by the Commonwealth’s Paid Family and Medical Leave law 

An outline of the state of Massachusetts appears. Icons of different kinds of workers (construction, hospitality, office, medical, and police) pop up across the state. 

As part of this coverage, you’re subject to payroll withholdings to help fund these benefits, even if you don’t intend on using the benefits 

You’ll see these withholdings on your first paycheck on or after October 1, 2019 

A page from a calendar appears, reading “October 1, 2019.” Under the date is a note saying, “PFML payroll withholdings begin.” A red marker circles the date and underlines the note. 

The Department of Family and Medical Leave has set limits on how much can be withheld from wages 

For every $100 you make, your employer may withhold a maximum of 38 cents to contribute to Paid Family and Medical Leave 

A $100 bill appears on screen, followed by 38 cents, represented by a quarter, a dime, and three pennies. 

Because the actual withholding rate will be determined by your employer, 

An employee walks in a door labeled “Office.” 

Speak with them if you have more questions about how Paid Family and Medical Leave will affect your wages 

An employee and a manager talk in an office. The manager is sitting behind a desk and the employee is sitting on the other side. 

Benefits will be available beginning January 2021 

A page from a calendar appears, reading “January 1, 2021.” 

Most Massachusetts workers will be eligible for up to 12 weeks of paid family leave, 

A blue background appears with animated line graphics of parents with a child, bicycles, a baby carriage, and a baby bottle. 

And up to 20 weeks of paid medical leave 

A blue background appears with animated line graphics of a wheelchair, a hospital bed, a heartbeat monitor, and a stethoscope. 

Learn more about your Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits 

A sticky note appears, with the words, “PFML, It’s your business.”  

Button text: “Start here” 

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