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transcript Protect yourself from mosquitoes

Mosquito bites can make you sick

A mosquito buzzes in from offscreen.

Use an EPA-approved repellent anytime you’re outdoors

The mosquito flies up to the right side an extended arm. Left of the arm, a repellent spray can appears and sprays the arm. The mosquito buzzes away.

Wearing the right clothing also helps

An outfit with a short-sleeved shirt, jean shorts, and sandals appears on screen next to the text. The arms on the short extend, making it a long-sleeved shirt, and the short’s legs extend, turning them into pants. The sandals are swapped out for a pair of sneakers.

Make sure your screens are in good shape

In an open window, a screen with a tear in it is repaired so that mosquitoes cannot fly through it.

Dusk to dawn is peak biting time for mosquitoes that carry disease

An outdoor scene changes from dawn to dusk as we see the sun set and the moon rise.


They’re out in Mass!

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