transcript  SNAP Verification Documents

Audio Script for Submit your SNAP Verification Documents video

Note for audio recording:  The text in bold is the primary text on the screen, followed by a description of any graphics or supplementary text.  Suggest more emphasis on bolded text.

To receive SNAP benefits you need to submit some verification documents

The screen shows an image of the SNAP logo, which is a grocery bag filled with food. A vertical line comes out of the bottom of the SNAP logo and leads down the screen. A horizontal line grows out of the vertical line and five icons representing documents appear below the horizontal line. Below the row of documents icons appears a button with the word “Submit” on it.

Blurry copy is seen through lenses that appear in the middle of the screen. The area outside of the lenses is black. The lenses “switch” or transition several times, making the copy more clear each time.

These documents help us determine eligibility and calculate your benefits

Some are required

Others are optional

But it’s to your advantage to submit optional documents

Here’s what’s required to provide or prove:

Identity and social security number
An image of a social security card appears on screen.

Massachusetts residency
Images of a residential lease, water/sewer bill, declaration of homestead, mortgage statement and rent receipt appear on screen.

Earnings and number of hours worked
Images of earnings statements appear on screen.

Any other income (unearned)
An image of a check appears on screen.

Noncitizen status
Images of a permanent resident card and an employment authorization card appear on screen.

Here’s what’s optional to provide or prove:

Housing costs
Images of a residential lease, homeowner’s insurance bill,  mortgage statement and real estate tax bill appear on screen.

Utility costs
Images of a water/sewer bill, residential lease, utility payment notice and letter from landlord appear on screen.

Dependent care costs
Images of a travel log and customer statement from Kiddie Care, LLC appear on screen.

Medical costs (for elder/disabled individuals)
An image of a Massachusetts Hospital bill appears on screen.

Child support payments
An image of a letter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division appears on screen.

Some documents like utility bills and lease agreements verify multiple pieces of information
Images of a water/sewer bill and a residential lease appear on screen.

Provide those items if you can to make it easier
Images of a water/sewer bill and a residential lease remain on screen.

It’s best to submit documents with your application or recertification
Images of a water/sewer bill, mortgage statement and residential lease appear on screen behind an image of a SNAP logo and the word “Verifications”.

If you don’t, DTA will let you know when we need them

The screen shows an image of a calendar with the month of July 2018 at the top of the calendar and the date of July 17th circled in red. 

Submit your verification documents to DTA
A “Submit documents” button appears on screen and links to