transcript Who needs Hunter Education and how to sign up

Audio Script for Take a Basic hunter education course video


Note for audio recording:  The text in bold is the primary text on the screen, followed by a description of any graphics or supplementary text.  Suggest more emphasis on bolded text.


Want to go hunting in Massachusetts?

The screen shows an image of the state of Massachusetts. Silhouettes of a deer and a turkey appear within the image of Massachusetts.


All first time hunters must complete a Basic Hunter Education course

The text Basic Hunter Education is in bold and is highlighted in yellow. Yellow stars appear around the text Basic Hunter Education.


A certificate from the U.S., Mexico, or Canada is acceptable

The screen shows an image of North America and a certificate with the text Graduate Certificate on the certificate. A yellow ribbon appears on the bottom of the image of the Graduate Certificate.


It’s a prerequisite for purchasing a Massachusetts hunting license

The screen shows an image of a Massachusetts hunting license. The image of the hunting license includes the text Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game Division of Fisheries & Wildlife. The license also shows fields for Customer ID, Expiration Date, Name and Address. The license also shows the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seal and the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife seal.


But, if you held a hunting license in any state prior to 2007 then you already qualify to purchase a hunting license.  

The screen shows a green circle. In the green circle a white rectangle with the text 2009 License appears.  2009 changes to 2008 and then 2007. When 2007 appears in the rectangle a yellow ribbon appears at the same time. The year keeps changing until it ends at 2002. A yellow circle with a thumbs-up image appears on screen next to the green circle when 2007 appears in the green circle.  


Minors (under 18) have separate rules to follow  

The screen shows images of a young boy with a baseball cap and a young girl with pigtails. An image of a certificate appears on screen between the young boy and young girl.


To find a course, click the link below

The screen shows the Massachusetts Hunter Education Program page at

hunter-education-program. The page scrolls down and a cursor clicks the Find a Basic Hunter Education Course button on the page.


Call (508) 389-7830 to enroll in a course and to get information.


Don’t see an open course that meets your needs?

A two-column grid with column headings Location and Status appears on screen. The grid scrolls down and shows course locations in one column along with their Full or Open status in the other column.


New courses are added throughout the year, so sign up for course notifications.

An image of a document with header text Course Notification appears on screen. The words Name, Address, Phone and Email appear on the document.  A cursor clicks a Submit button on the bottom of the document. A check mark in a circle appears above the Submit button.


We’ll let you know when a new course is available in your area

An image of an envelope with an @ symbol in the middle of the envelope appears on screen. The envelope opens and a document with the text New Courses Open emerges from the envelope. The document replaces the envelope on screen.


Sign up for course notifications

A click here button appears on screen and links to