Before Filing a Complaint

The Attorney General's Public Inquiry and Assistance Center  is staffed with trained professionals who will review your complaint to determine whether it is appropriate for the AGO's free, voluntary mediation service. If the complaint is one with which we may be able to assist you, a mediator will contact you before they attempt to contact the business, in the AGO's effort to resolve your complaint through mediation. These mediations are conducted over the phone. In mediation, a neutral third-party, the mediator, helps you and the other party try to resolve the problem through facilitated dialogue. However, it is up to you and the other party to reach an agreement.

Please note that in order to expedite the processing and resolution of your complaint, we may refer it to a Local Consumer Program or a Face to Face Program that serves your area. These programs are funded by and work in cooperation with our office, providing the same free, voluntary mediation services.

The Attorney General's Office acts on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and cannot provide you legal advice.  The Office is not able to be your private attorney but represents the public interest. Hotline staff members may suggest that you consult a private attorney, and offer information to assist you in locating an attorney. Staff may also provide information on taking action against a business under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (M.G.L. c. 93A), and direct you to information about Small Claims Court.

As the AGO reviews questions and complaints received through the consumer hotline, we look for trends or patterns of unfair and deceptive trade practices. We may then be able to take legal action on behalf of all Massachusetts consumers who are victims of unfair or deceptive practices.

Before filing a complaint, please review the other consumer protection pages on this website for information that may help you to decide whether to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office or use other resources that may be more appropriate for your situation.

File a Consumer Complaint

The most efficient way for you to file your complaint is to use the e-complaint.

Click to file a consumer complaint.

Please note: if you need to attach additional documentation to your complaint, you must send these by regular mail rather than electronically.

You will have the opportunity to save or to print out a copy of your complaint. You must have Adobe Reader Version 7 or higher installed on your computer to access the form. This program is available to download for free on the Adobe website.

File by Mail with Supporting Documentation

To file a complaint with supporting documents via regular mail, you may complete the e-complaint form and click the "Download a Copy of your Complaint" link. This will launch a PDF, click the "open" box and then print as appropriate. You will also be able to save a copy of your complaint this way.

You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to access the form. This program is available to download for free on the Adobe website.

Please send a copy of the complaint and any supporting documentation to:

Office of the Attorney General
Public Inquiry and Assistance Center
One Ashburton Place, 18th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Questions about how to submit a complaint can be directed to the Public Inquiry & Assistance Center Hotline at 617-727-8400.