Consumer services at the Attorney General's Office

What you need to know about our services and our Consumer Advocacy & Response Division (CARD).

Our Consumer Advocacy & Response Division (CARD) employs trained consumer specialists. CARD’s knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and may be able to assist you in resolving your dispute with a business. CARD staff can also refer you to other consumer support services available in your area.

How can CARD help me?

CARD provides a range of assistance covering most consumer issues. The most common issues that CARD can handle include:

  • Defective products;
  • Car sales and financing;
  • Auto repossession issues;
  • Debt collection;
  • Mortgage servicing and loan modification;
  • Home improvement contract issues;
  • Business closures;
  • Utility bill disputes;
  • Shut off of un-regulated utilities; and
  • Issues specific to immigrants, veterans, homeless and elder residents.

CARD has also established partnerships with a variety of other consumer support providers in your area. In certain situations, CARD staff may refer you to these additional services.

How do I get in touch with CARD?

  • If you are looking for information, review our website first.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for, call our Consumer Hotline at 617-727-8400. 
  • If you would like CARD to assist you in resolving a dispute you are having with a business, you should fill out the Consumer Complaint Form.
  • If you are looking for general information about the complaints received by CARD, you should review the Consumer Complaint Information Online.

About CARD

In March 2016, the Attorney General announced the formation of the Consumer Advocacy & Response Division (CARD). Combining the staff and resources from the Public Inquiry and Assistance Center (PIAC), HomeCorps (the AGO’s foreclosure prevention program), and the Elder Hotline, CARD reflects a new and enhanced approach to consumer assistance within the Attorney General’s Office.

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