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Examination Information

Access Schedule of currently offered examinations, reading lists for public safety promotional examinations and exam forms information.
  • General Exam Instructions

  • Examination Schedule

    Examination announcements/posters for upcoming scheduled civil service tests. Please note this area is only populated with information as exams are scheduled and during the application acceptance period.
  • Residency Preference Claim & Employment Location Selection

    Use only with military make-up firefighter or police officer exam
  • ATTENTION: If you are looking for an exam other than Police, Fire, Corrections...

    Although a job title may be a civil service job-title and candidates would be required to take the exam and receive an appointment in order to obtain job-title permanency or civil service status, we currently are not offering exams in any titles other than Public Safety (Police, Fire, Corrections, and related titles).  As a result, appointments can be made with the understanding that individuals would have to take the test if it was offered during their employment.  Until such time, the employee would be considered provisional and not permanent in the title. 

    Until such time when an exam is offered, folks are encouraged to watch for vacancies posted to the Commonwealth Employment Opportunities (CEO section of our website and apply directly to the Agency where the vacancy is located.

    Once you have applied, you are encouraged to contact the Appointing Authority directly to find out more about any other action you may take in the application process.

  • Examination Forms & Notice to Appear Info

    Notice to Appear & Examination Form Information for Applicants Participating in Upcoming Scheduled Examinations. Note: Exam forms (such as education & experience instructions, worksheets and employment verification forms) are no longer mailed to applicants with their notice to appear and must be downloaded and printed by applicants. Applicants should have these forms completed and bring them, along with supporting documents, to the exam. Read the exam announcement/poster for the on-line availability date of exam forms and which forms are applicable for your specific test.
  • Examination Orientation and Preparation Guides

    Orientation and examination preparation guides for entry level Correction Officer I, Firefighter and Police Officer tests.
  • Reading Lists

    Reading lists for civil service merit system examinations.
  • Delegated Assessment Center Examinations

  • Regional Assessment Center Initiative

    *PLEASE NOTE: The February Police Captain RACI and June Chief Series RACI examination has been suspended.  Participating Departments and candidates will be contacted directly.

    HRD is actively reviewing the status of RACI and will update Appointing Authorities accordingly when more information becomes available.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to work with departments to resolve upcoming issues and concerns.

    Thank you

  • Continuous Testing (ConTest)

    The Continuous Testing (ConTest) Program has been discontinued due to the current financial situation facing the Commonwealth. All funding for this program has been eliminated through the Governor's Fiscal Year 2009 budget cuts. Please continue to visit this page to check for further developments and information regarding this program.