Guide Schedule Physical Ability Test (PAT) for Fire and Police Departments

All Fire and Police Initial-Hire candidates for the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) should read the information below.

PAT Schedule 2018

Please find out all of available dates to book the PAT test on the PAT Schedule 2018.  Actual PAT test and PAT preview are held every other Thursday.

Who Must Take the Medical Exam & Physical Ability Test (PAT)

All Initial-Hire Candidates for Fire and Police


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Have your Medical Examination Form ready

Please have your Medical Examination Form ready.

The hiring department needs to email pages 1 and 6 of the candidate's completed medical examination form to,of which the examination date must be within 6 months of the requested PAT date. Also, include if the hiring department is interested in sending candidate for a Preview and/or actual PAT.

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How to schedule PAT

For the hiring department

  1. Take a look at the PAT Schedule and choose the date.*
  2. Send an email to along with pages 1 and 6 of the candidate's medical examination form.**
    Note: The medical examination form must be dated within 6 months of the requested PAT date. Also include if the hiring department is interested in sending candidate for a Preview and/or actual PAT.
  3. Forward instructions from Civil Service unit to candidate.



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For the candidate

  1. Follow the instructions, sent by the hiring department to complete your application and pay for the PAT test.
  2. Check two confirmation emails to verify your application and payment.


*Requests must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the requested date of the Preview and/or PAT. Candidates are scheduled in the order in which they are received. Candidates appearing for a preview or actual PAT who have not been scheduled in advance with the Civil Service Unit will not be allowed to participate.

** The medical exam date must be within 6 months of the requested PAT date. Also, include if you are interested in sending your candidate for a Preview and/or actual PAT.

The hiring department will then receive an email containing confirmation of the candidate's test date(s) and test time(s), as well as other pertinent information regarding the Initial-Hire PAT.

Where to go to take PAT

All Police and Fire PAT previews and PATs (actual test) are now conducted at the Hudson National Guard Armory

Hudson National Guard Armory 

   1 Park St
   Hudson, MA

                                                                                                                                                           Get directions

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What to Bring to PAT

Candidates must bring the following to the Physical Ability Test (PAT) testing site:

  • Photo I. D. (for the preview and the test dates)

PAT candidates have the option of taking a PAT Preview. During the PAT Preview, candidates take a "practice" PAT that is not timed or scored. The Preview allows candidates to become familiarized with the events required during the actual PAT. Currently, the PAT Previews are free of charge to candidates but may be subject to change.

How to Cancel your PAT

Should a candidate need to cancel a PAT or PAT Preview, he or she must make the request to the hiring department at least 48 hours in advance of the test/preview date, and the hiring department notifies HRD Civil Service at (617) 878-9756 or email , of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the test/preview date.

PAT Score Results

Final Score Results will not be provided at the PAT site.

PAT results are emailed to candidates and to the designee of the Appointing Authority within 24 hours of taking the PAT.

Please check your email settings to allow emails from "" addresses into your inbox directly, as some accounts will delete what they consider SPAM before it even reaches your email folders.

What you should expect in Physical Ability Test (PAT)

Firefighter Physical Ability Test (PAT)

Stair Climb, Ladder Event, Hose Advance, Forcible Entry, Search, Rescue Through a Doorway, and Ceiling Hook (Pike Pole)

Stair Climb

This event simulates continuous stair climbing, an activity that firefighters may perform when getting to a fire at an incident scene. For this event, you will be required to step on a rotating staircase (also known as a stepmill) at a pre-determined stepping pace for a specific period of time. You will get a 5-minute rest period after this event. The required time to remain on the stepmill is 200 seconds.

Ladder Event

This event simulates various activities related to using ladders. You will be required to remove a ladder from a rack, carry it some distance, raise a weight of approximately 45 lbs. attached to a rope that simulates the raising of an extension ladder, lower that weight and return the ladder to the rack from which it was taken. The event ends when the ladder is back in the rack. The time limit is 35.56 seconds.

Hose Advance

This event simulates the actions necessary to manipulate a fully charged fire hose. You will be required to pull 50 feet of hose through a U-shaped course with several turns. There will be a ceiling on the U-shaped course to prevent you from standing upright. The time limit is 20.00 seconds.

Forcible Entry

This event simulates breaking down a door to gain entry to a burning structure or an incident scene. For this event you will be required to strike a rubber pad mounted on a moveable post. You will use a 12 lb. sledge hammer to move the post a set distance. The post and structure are weighted to simulate the force you would need to exert on a door in order to gain entrance. The time limit is 13.91 seconds.


This event simulates the actions necessary to enter and search a smoke-filled structure. You will be required to crawl through a dark wooden tunnel with obstructions and turns. The tunnel is approximately 65 feet long. The tunnel is 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. At one location in the tunnel there is an obstacle on the floor and at one location there is an obstacle from the ceiling. In addition, at two locations, the tunnel is reduced from 4 to 3 feet in width. The time limit is 39.00 seconds.

Rescue Through a Doorway

This event simulates the actions necessary to drag an unconscious victim out through a doorway to get the victim to safety. You will be required to drag a 125 pound dummy approximately 30 feet, along a zigzag course to a designated area at the end of the course. In this event, there is a low ceiling over the course to prevent you from standing upright. The time limit is 36.00 seconds.

Ceiling Hook (Pike Pole)

This event simulates the use of a pike pole or ceiling hook. A pike pole or ceiling hook is a fire fighting tool used to tear down ceilings or open walls while looking for hidden fires. This event will require you to take a pike pole, tipped with an industrial hammer head, and thrust it upward at a metal plate in an 8 foot ceiling. The metal plate weighs approximately 60 lbs. And must be lifted six inches in order for the strike to count. You will then step over to the next part of the event, where a pike pole handle is suspended from a ceiling height. The pole is attached to a counter balance that weighs approximately 80 lbs. You must pull the pole down six inches in order for the pull to count. You will be required to perform one push and five pulls in a sequence. The event will require you to perform four one-minute periods of work, in which you will try to do as many push-pull sequences as possible. Each work period will be followed by a 30 second rest period. You must complete 25 full repetitions.

Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (PAT)

Obstacle Course, The Trigger Pull Event, The Separation Event, The Dummy Drag

Obstacle Course

This event simulates the actions necessary to pursue and "takedown" a suspect. The event begins with an obstacle course where the candidate will be faced with climbing under an obstacle, climbing up and down steps, going through an open window, climbing over a wall and negotiating a series of cones arranged in a zigzag pattern. At the end of the course, the candidate will be required to grab hold of a weighted bag attached to a pulley and touch it to the ground. The candidate will then immediately move around the Power Station to the handcuffing simulation where he/she will be required to pull on two hand levers until the cable hits the stop. This completes the event. The time limit is 130.4 seconds.

The Trigger Pull Event

This event consists of raising a handgun and squeezing the trigger six (6) times with each hand. The time limit is 7.1 seconds.

The Separation Event

This event simulates tasks that require separating one party from an other and controlling individuals, such as in crowd control situations. The candidate will be required to pull a hanging bag backward touching it to the ground across a marked line. Candidates will have to perform two "pulls". The time limit is 14.2 seconds.

The Dummy Drag

This event simulates dragging a victim or suspect. Candidates will be required to drag a dummy over a straight course. The time limit is 11 seconds.

Physical Ability Test (PAT) Videos


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