2019 Family Support Program Manual and Guidelines

This manual provides comprehensive information about the array of different family support services, includes helpful resources, and outlines procedures and guidelines to promote enhanced consistency and quality of supports.

This Family Support Program Manual and Guidelines has been developed in partnership with families, family support providers, and DDS staff from across the state. This manual not only confirms policies and procedures, but equally important, reaffirms our core principles and values to support and enable individuals with disabilities and their families to lead full, rich lives and be welcomed, contributing members of their communities. These values are what drive us to enhance opportunities for individuals to be meaningfully engaged in their community by using a combination of resources and supports that foster inclusion and capitalize on the unique gifts, talents, and dreams of individuals. These values are what drive our commitment to reaching out to diverse communities and ensuring that family supports honor the cultural, religious, and linguistic differences of families across the state. The Department affirms our ongoing commitment to supporting families and the pivotal role that families play in the lives of their children or relative with a disability. We are invested in strengthening our partnerships and pursuing innovative approaches and services to help individuals and families live a “good life.”

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