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Administrative Procedure

Administrative Procedure AP 617: Inspectional Services Division

Date: 01/31/2018
Organization: Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Referenced Sources: Massachusetts General Laws


617.1. Administrative Affairs Division

The Administrative Affairs Division (AAD) manages DOR’s internal oversight function in order to foster the integrity of DOR operations, promote public confidence and trust in the Agency, and facilitate a safe working environment. AAD’s Office of Ethics & Employee Responsibility and Office of Internal Audit & Risk Management support this effort by providing professional audit, inspection, evaluation, investigative, data governance, and analysis services.

617.2. Office of Ethics & Employee Responsibility

 The Office of Ethics & Employee Responsibility (Ethics) promotes accountability and transparency by administering and enforcing the DOR Code of Conduct and employee professional standards. Ethics investigates all allegations of misconduct involving DOR employees, including those where non-DOR employees threaten, harass or attempt to inappropriately influence employees during the performance of their official duties. The office provides employee awareness training with regard to employee misconduct, confidentiality and integrity and performs background investigations on all prospective DOR employees, contractors, interns, and consultants. Further, Ethics is concerned with employee safety issues, including physical security, ensuring that all such issues detected during the course of normal operations are properly addressed. In addition, Internal Affairs acts as liaison with other Federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies, relative not only to on-going investigations, but also in providing necessary assistance when requested by these outside agencies.


 Anyone who suspects or has knowledge of misconduct or impropriety involving a DOR employee is encouraged to contact the Ethics at 617-626-2130 or in writing to:


Administrative Affairs Division

Office of Ethics & Employee Responsibility

P.O. Box 9567

Boston, MA 02114-9567

617.3. Office of Internal Audit & Risk Management

The Office of Internal Audit and Risk Management (Internal Audit) performs independent financial and operational reviews of all DOR activities to verify adherence to laws and established policies and procedures. Internal Audit performs the Department’s enterprise wide risk assessment, evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls and recommends appropriate enhancements to the internal controls in order to address any potential vulnerability identified. Additionally, Internal Audit contributes to DOR’s overall Information Security program by reviewing new and/or existing computer and network systems, as well as any system modifications, for security vulnerabilities and recommends actions to alleviate any identified issues. Internal Audit also performs continuous monitoring of employee accesses and use of DOR information systems to provide assurance that employee accesses abide by DOR policies and procedures regarding acceptable use as well as strict adherence to state and federal laws relating to confidentiality and disclosure.

617.4. Office of Facilities Management

The Office of Facilities Management (OFM) is responsible for the acquisition of leased office space, property management, interior design and space planning for DOR facilities. The office oversees that all leasing matters comply with state laws and Division of Capital Asset Management regulations; develops and/or approves any modifications to existing office space; ensures that employees are provided with a healthy and safe workplace environment through oversight of approved indoor air quality testing; ensures building security is maintained and employee evacuation policies and procedures are in place; verifies the contents of all project-related deliveries or, when applicable, that the services were provided; signs for all project-related deliveries of goods and services; procures goods and services for DOR facilities in accordance with Operational Services Division regulations; and ensures that all registered, certified and overnight mail is delivered and received according to US Postal Service regulations.

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