DLS Databank Reports

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Trends in Municipal Debt  

View trends in municipal debt including debt service, outstanding debt and year-over-year changes in debt over time.

Trends in Local Receipts  

Compares the municipality’s estimated versus actual local receipts.

Trends in excess levy capacity  

View state-wide and local trends in excess levy capacity.

Municipal Financial Self-Assessment  

Are you interested in key financial and socioeconomic data for a city or town? Our Municipal Financial Self-Assessment shows data and trends influencing a community's overall financial health.

General fund expenditures  

View a municipality’s General Fund spending across various governmental functions.

Free Cash Use  

Shows a municipality’s free cash in relation to the local operating budget and the percentage of free cash appropriated annually.

Bond ratings from Moody's and S&P rating agencies  

Division of Local Services

Credit rating assinged to a municipality to help investors assess the future ability, legal obligation, and willingness of the municipality (bond issuer) to make timely debt service payments.