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Learn about Massachusetts' economic development bill Mass Leads: An Act Relative to Strengthening Massachusetts' Economic Leadership

In February 2024, the Healey-Driscoll Administration unveiled its economic development bill "Mass Leads: An Act Relative to Strengthening Massachusetts' Economic Leadership." Every four years at the start of a new gubernatorial term, the Executive Office of Economic Development (EOED) is tasked with developing a statewide plan to guide the state's economic development activities and investments over the next four years. The plan is then transformed into a bill with the cross-sectional support of the Governor and State legislature.

Learn more about the state's economic development bill and its sector briefs below.

Mass Leads: Bill Text

Mass Leads: Bill Summary

The Healey-Driscoll Administration is pleased to announce the filing of the Mass Leads Act. This bill contains the tools and resources needed to execute the strategy outlined in the administration’s 2023 economic development plan: Team Massachusetts: Leading Future Generations.

Mass Leads: Equity Policy Brief

The administration has identified equity, affordability, and competitiveness as guiding principles for all its initiatives, including this bill. As outlined in the economic development plan, the administration is committed to an equitable, inclusive approach to economic development.

Mass Leads: Life Sciences Policy Brief

Massachusetts is the global epicenter for the life sciences industry. To remain the leader and to continue to cultivate innovative companies and lifesaving treatments, this bill turns the page to the next chapter of the state’s consistent support of the life sciences industry.

Mass Leads: Climatetech Policy Brief

Massachusetts is situated to be a leader in climatetech. As a state that is advancing strong public policy to confront the existential threat of climate change and boasts a world-class talent pool, Massachusetts must seize the opportunity to catalyze new leadership in the climate technology sector.

Mass Leads: Small Businesses Policy Brief

Small businesses comprise a major segment of the Massachusetts economy, supporting nearly 45% of the state’s employees. Massachusetts needs an economic strategy that enables small businesses to grow and thrive. This bill advances capital programs and policy provisions to support small businesses.

Mass Leads: Rural Communities Policy Brief

Massachusetts is home to 181 rural communities, each with their own flavor, their own way of life, and their own challenges. The Healey-Driscoll Administration has always been committed to creating more favorable conditions for economic development in rural areas.

Mass Leads: Consumer Protection Policy Brief

The administration has identified consumer protection as an important part of economic activity in the Commonwealth. As outlined in the economic development plan, the administration is committed to creating an equitable path to home improvement contracting, and EV charger accessibility. 

Mass Leads: Tourism, Arts, & Culture Policy Brief

Travel, tourism, and the creative economy play a vital role in Massachusetts. To support these sectors, the administration proposes several legislative proposals and other actions related to tourism, arts, and culture. 

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