Economic Development Planning Process

Learn about the Executive Office of Economic Development's Statewide Economic Development Planning Process

Every four years at the start of a new gubernatorial term, the Executive Office of Economic Development (EOED) is tasked with developing a statewide plan to guide the Commonwealth's economic development activities and investments over the next four years. EOED has assembled an Economic Development Planning Council comprised of business and community leaders, members of the Governor's cabinet, and stakeholders to help craft a strategic plan for Massachusetts economic development policy. EOED is also holding regional planning sessions across the state to gather public input about the state’s economic development needs. In December 2023, EOED will publish a final plan and submit it to the Governor and Legislature.

Contribute to the State's Economic Development Plan

We encourage members of the public to provide us with feedback, ideas, and suggestions for the state's economic development plan. Please fill out our form below to send us feedback.

Meet our Economic Development Planning Council

Comprised of leaders from a diversity of backgrounds and regions, the Economic Development Planning Council will help EOED gather public input and define the areas of opportunity and growth for our state economy. 

Economic Development Planning Council Meeting Minutes


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