Public Meeting Notice

Public Meeting Notice Holyoke Soldiers' Home Board of Trustees Operations Committee Meeting

Tuesday, December 28, 2021
6 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Posted: December 23, 2021 4:25 p.m.

Overview of Holyoke Soldiers' Home Board of Trustees Operations Committee Meeting

Operations Committee Agenda (4th Tuesday Month)

Chair: Trustee Sean T. Collins

Member: Trustee Mark Bigda

Member: Trustee Carmen Ostrander

Final Posted Agenda

Date: Tuesday December 28, 2021

Start: 6:00 PM


Call: 1-866-692-3580

Access Code: 616 663 800


1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of Minutes of October 26, 2021, Operations Committee Meeting

4. Old Business

a. Follow up Policy # ADMIN-127 Credentialing  

-Scope – Applies to “independent practitioners”  - more clarity

b. Clarity of process of Credentialing / licensure of contractors (? Local policy)

c.  Laundry – family able to do?

5. Standard Agenda Items (Updates) / Dashboards

a. KPI Updates

b. Medical Staff Update / Review of minutes

    see 6a credentials packet

c. Outside Agency Audits / Inspections /    Review of tracker

d. Supporting Patients / Families / Staff / Community Stakeholders

e. Update The Soldiers Home in Holyoke Transitional Plan (HOLD FOR DECEMBER)

f. Census Update

g. New building update / Status

6. New Business / Interest Items

a. Credentials Package review Dr. Planeta and Susan Kilduff-Katsoulis

b. Electronic tracking / data utilization

c. Table top exercises – AAR

d. Policy Review

 -- 037 Clinical Documentation

 --079 Weapon Policy

 --ADM-002 Admissions

--HIMS-051:  Medical Record Maintenance for LTC and Domiciliary Care

--HSKP-044:  Medco Wheelchair Washer

--NSG-014:  Bladder Management

--NSG-017:  Pressure Injury Risk Assessment

--NSG-038:  Education of Veteran Resident and Family

--NSG-068:  Notification of LIP for Veteran Change in Condition and Suspected Infection

--NSG-083:  Safe Smoking Policy

--IP-001:      Cleaning a Biological Spill

--IP-007:      Environmental Monitoring      

--IP-055:     Cleaning Resident Care Equipment and Environment

--IP-056:     Surveillance and Outbreak Testing Program for COVID-19

--IP-061:     COVID-19 Screening Protocols

--IP-063:     Allowing Non-Essential Personnel into the Facility

--IP-064:     PPE Following COVID-19 State of Emergency

10. Wrap up / Adjournment


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