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Public Notice April 5, 2018 - Commission Meeting

Thursday, April 5, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


10 Park Plaza, State Transportation Building, 2nd Floor, Transportation Board Room, Boston, MA 02116
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission

Overview of Public Notice April 5, 2018 - Commission Meeting

I. Approval of February 1, 2018 Minutes (VOTE)

II. Director's Report (INFORM)

  • Review of meeting goals
  • Update on recent Pool 2 legislation passage and other legislative meetings
  • Commissioner & staff transitions

III. Functional Reviews (INFORM)

  • Budget & Financial
  1. April estimated premium payments
  2. February claim report
  • Human Resources Quarterly Temporary Employment Report

IV. Out of Pocket Expenses (INFORM)

  • Comparison of distribution of total member out of pocket costs for FY15 - FY17

V. Annual Enrollment Update (INFORM)

VI. High level timeline for next year (INFORM & DISCUSS)

VII. Governance & Commissioner Expectations (INFORM)

  • Guide for Members of Public Boards and Commissions
  • Rules of Order
  • Commissioner Tim Sullivan's Motion

VIII. Affordability Task Force Reset (INFORM)

IX. In Closing:  Out & About, Misc. Updates, Wrap-Up & Discussion & Other Business

Meeting Minutes

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