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Public Notice February 22, 2018 - Commission Meeting

Thursday, February 22, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


10 Park Plaza, State Transportation Building, 2nd Floor, Transportation Board Room, Boston, MA 02116
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission Your Benefits Connection

Overview of Public Notice February 22, 2018 - Commission Meeting

February 22 Commission Meeting Agenda

I.    Approval of January 18, 2018 Minutes  (VOTE)
II.    Director’s Report (INFORM)
III.    Functional Reviews (INFORM & VOTE)

    1.    Vote to approve March estimated premium payments
    2.    January Claim reimbursements report 
    3.    Updated FY18 state share expense for all accounts 
    4.    Updated budget charts  
    5.    FY18 state share premium budget for all accounts
IV.    Dental & Vision (VOTE)    
    1.    Approval of FY19 Retiree Dental Premium
    2.    Approval of FY19 Active Dental & Vision Rates
V.    Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) Recommendation: Vendor & Rates (VOTE) 
Presentation and approval of staff recommendation for an Employee Assistance Plan vendor and plan rate
VI.    FY19 Full Cost Premiums (VOTE)
    1.    Authorize the GIC to maintain the FY19 Municipal Administrative fee at 0.35% of the full cost premiums.
    2.    Approve recommended spending from The Elderly Government Retirees (EGRs) and The Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs) claim stabilization reserve trusts to subsidize the FY19 premiums
    3.    Approve recommended FY19 individual Pool 1 and Pool 2 full cost premiums
VII.    In Closing: Out & About, Misc. Updates, Wrap-Up & Discussion  & Other Business

Meeting Minutes

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