Public Meeting Notice

Public Meeting Notice  Rescheduled: Joint meeting of the MassDOT Board of Directors and the MBTA Board - June 22, 2023

MBTA Board meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. and the MassDOT Board meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.


10 Park Plaza, MassDOT Board Room, Boston, MA 02116

Overview   of Rescheduled: Joint meeting of the MassDOT Board of Directors and the MBTA Board - June 22, 2023

This meeting was previously scheduled as a MassDOT Board meeting on June 21, 2023.

In accordance with G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-20 and 940 C.M.R. 29.03, as amended by § 4 of Chapter 107 of the Acts of 2022 and § 40 of Chapter 2 of the Acts of 2023, notice is hereby given of an open meeting of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (“MassDOT”) Board of Directors to be held on the above-captioned date.

*Notes regarding Public Comment: In an effort to provide effective opportunities for public comment and engagement, public comment will be taken (1) in person, (2) in writing by electronic or regular mail, or (3) by voice message. Public comments are public records and will be posted online; please keep in mind that any information you provide us, as a state agency, is potentially subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law (see G.L. c. 66, § 10). Do not include personal information other than your name in voice messages.

(1) In person attendees may sign up to comment when they arrive at the Board Room.

(2) Written comments may be submitted by email or mail to:

MassDOT Board of Directors
10 Park Plaza - Suite 3510
Boston, MA 02116

(3) Voice message comments may be submitted by calling 857-368-1655 and leaving a message at least one hour before the start of the meeting. Voice messages will be played aloud during the public comment portion of the board meeting and captured in the livestream video. Messages must be limited to two minutes per commenter, or up to four minutes for comments submitted on behalf of an organization or elected official and at the discretion of the Board Chair.

Note: This meeting is accessible to people with disabilities. MassDOT provides reasonable accommodations and/or language assistance free of charge upon request (e.g interpreters in American Sign Language and languages other than English, live captioning, videos, assistive listening devices and alternate material formats), as available. For accommodation or language assistance, please contact MassDOT's Chief Diversity & Civil Rights Officer by phone at (857) 368-8580, TTD/TTY at (857) 266-0603, fax (857) 368-0602 or by email to Requests should be made as soon as possible prior to the meeting, and for more difficult to arrange services including sign-language, CART or language translation or interpretation, requests should be made at least ten business days before the meeting.



Call to order by the Chair


  1. To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining if an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the public body and the chair so declares [10 minutes]


Public Comment Period #1 on MBTA Items only [15 minutes]

*See notes regarding public comment below.


  1. Report from the General Manager [20 minutes]


  1. Approval of May 25, 2023, and June 8, 2023, Meeting Minutes [1 minute]
    • Discussion and Possible Action
  2. Safety Update [20 minutes – Phil Eng/Pat Lavin/Katie Choe]
  3. FY24-28 Capital Investment Plan (“CIP”) Recommendation [25 minutes – Jillian Linnell]
  4. Collective Bargaining Agreement Authorization [5 minutes – Ahmad Barnes]
    • Discussion and Possible Action

Public Comment Period #2 [10 minutes]

Recess [30 minutes]


Start of MBTA and MassDOT Joint Meeting

  1. Sumner Tunnel Briefing [45 minutes – Jonathan Gulliver and Phillip Eng]

MBTA Board Meeting Adjourns


Recess [15 minutes]

Public Comment Period on MassDOT Agenda Items only [15 minutes]

  1. Approval of Minutes from May 17, 2023 Meeting of MassDOT Board
    • Discussion and Possible Action

Standing Reports

  1. Report from the Secretary/CEO
  2. Report from the Highway Administrator
  3. Report from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
  4. Report from the Aeronautics Administrator (written)
  5. Report from the Rail and Transit Administrator (written)

Presentations and Actions

  1. Preliminary FY24 Budget [20 minutes]
    • Discussion and Possible Action
  2. Final FY24-28 Capital Investment Plan (“CIP”) [15 minutes]
    • Discussion and Possible Action
  3. PVTA State Operating funds [5 minutes]
    • Discussion and Possible Action
  4. Proposed Contract with Palmer Paving Corp. for Resurfacing and Related Work along a Section of Interstate 90 [15 minutes]
    • Discussion and Possible Action
  5. Massachusetts Vehicle Census [20 minutes]

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