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Find out more about the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and the plan for Massachusetts.

FirstNet was created by Congress to provide first responders with a nationwide, high-speed, wireless network dedicated to public safety. The network can be used during emergencies and every day operations.

In 2017, FirstNet announced it picked AT&T to develop the network. FirstNet/AT&T then presented each state with a plan for implementing the network in that state. The plan included information about coverage, cost, supported devices, and more.

In December 2017, the Governor agreed to “opt in” to the FirstNet/AT&T State Plan for public safety wireless data services in Massachusetts. All US states and territories have elected to "opt in". “Opting in” is a procedural agreement to allow FirstNet and AT&T to build the public safety network in Massachusetts. Each public safety agency will decide what data services provider best serves their organization and community.

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