CZM Public Records Requests

Learn how to request access to public records from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

You will need:

CZM encourages you to use the form below to make a Public Records Request (PRR). This helps to ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request. Otherwise, written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, email, or fax. While requests for public records may be made orally in person to the Primary Records Access Officer (RAO), only written requests can be appealed. Telephone requests may be accepted at the discretion of the RAO.

CZM has designated the following employee as the Primary RAO who will assist you in fulfilling your requests.

Robert Boeri, Primary RAO
Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management
251 Causeway Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 626-1050
Fax: (617) 626-1240

Only questions pertaining to the PRR process or a PRR status should be sent to the email account of the Primary RAO.

Contacting a Secretariat or Agency

To help avoid delay in responses, please consider whether your public record request would more appropriately be directed to a different agency.

Each secretariat and agency has a designated RAO who will receive and respond to public records requests.


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