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Earned Income Worksheet

Calculator for Disability Retirees to determine their annual earnings limits

You will need:

  • The regular compensation (salary) for the position you retired from
    This must be obtained from your former employer 
  • Your retirement allowance (pension + annuity)
    This must be obtained from your retirement board


  • This worksheet is intended for personal use only.
  • Do not file this worksheet with your retirement board or with PERAC.
  • This worksheet does not replace the Annual Statement of Earned Income
  • If you exceed your allowable earnings, you must refund the excess amount to your retirement system.
  • In addition to the compensation limits, no retiree is allowed to work more than 1200 total hours during a calendar year in public sector employment. Any hours worked beyond this hourly limit would also be considered excess earnings.
  • You may contact Sandra King at PERAC for assistance at 617-666-4446, ext. 947 or