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The Governor’s office cannot provide legal advice or assistance to his constituents. Governor Baker cannot intervene in court cases, handle judicial matters such as complaints against judges or other legal offices. If you require legal assistance and cannot afford an attorney, please contact: 

  • Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral: (617) 654-0400

  • Greater Boston Legal Service: (617) 371-1234 

  • Northeast Legal Aid: (978) 458-1465 

  • Community Legal Aid: 1-800-649-3718 

If you have a complaint against a judge or the courts, contact the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct at (617) 725-8050 or visit their website.

Governor Baker does not have jurisdiction over city, town, or county issues. Any questions or issues on the local level should be addressed with your elected representatives of local government or your Massachusetts State Representative. Click here to find your local legislator, and click here to find your local city or town officials. 

The Governor does not have jurisdiction over federal agencies or programs, such as Medicare, Social Security, and Immigration. Federal elected officials for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are suited to assist or answer questions that relate to the United States federal government. Find your U.S. Representative here and find your U.S. Senator here.

Contact information for Senator Ed Markey can be found here, and contact information for Senator Elizabeth Warren can be found here.