Request a Proclamation from Governor Healey

Complete this form to request a ceremonial proclamation from Governor Healey. Ceremonial proclamations honor, celebrate, or raise public awareness about issues and causes that constituents of Massachusetts value.

Request a proclamation from Governor Healey

All requests should include:

  • Proposed language 
  • Background information on the sponsor
  • The date for announcing the proclamation 
  • The sponsor’s name, address, phone number, and email address

Submit your request at least 20 business days in advance using one of the two ways below.

A proclamation request must be sponsored by a Massachusetts resident or an organization with close ties to the state.

Governor Healey and her staff use these guidelines when considering proclamation requests. Proclamations:

  • Serve an educational purpose for a large number of Massachusetts residents
  • Are issued for one time period only. For example, if June 2 is "Teachers' Day," then "Teachers' Month" or "Teachers' Week" will not be proclaimed later in the year.
  • Cannot honor a living person
  • Should not focus on a business or specific organization
  • Do not recognize awards (except military proclamations)

Approvals are not automatic and announcements should not be made regarding a proclamation until you have been contacted by a member of the Governor’s staff.

Please note: The Governor's Office does not issue proclamations more than 30 days in advance.

More info

  • Proclamations are not automatically reissued each year. Note if your request is for an annual event or has been issued by our office in previous years.
  • Multiple requests by the same organization or individual will not be honored in the same calendar year.
  • The Governor’s Office will not issue backdated proclamations.


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