Get a Low-Cost Compost Bin

Many Massachusetts communities sell MassDEP-subsidized bins to residents at reduced prices. Use this service to find out where they are available.

<p>It should be easy for you to compost kitchen scraps and yard wastes. Many towns and cities still have compost bins they received through a MassDEP grant program that ended in 2008, and sell them to residents at a discount. See the <b>List of Massachusetts Compost Bin Distribution Programs</b> below.</a>

<p>The bins most commonly available are:</p>

<ul><li><b>Earth Machine</b> (with room for 10 cubic feet of material), and</li>

<li><b>New Age Composter</b> (capacity of 24 cubic feet).</li></ul>

<p>Both are easy to put together, resistant to rodents, and break down organic materials well. At least half of the plastic that goes into them comes from products that consumers have used and recycled previously.</p>


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