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City & Town, published by the Division of Local Services, addresses matters of interest to local officials.

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2020 City & Town

2019 City & Town

2018 City & Town

2017 City & Town

Articles Issue Date
'Tis the Season to Set Tax Rates!

New Housing Choice Initiative
December 7th

December 21st
Chapter 200: Don't Forget to Check!

"Why Wasn't I Notified?": Maintaining the
Local Officials Directory
November 2nd

November 16th
Fall Conferences, Seminars and a New Website

Announcing Year Two of the Efficiency and
Regionalization Competitive Grant Program
October 5th

October 19th
A Message from Secretary Heffernan

Peering Over the Data: Tips for Comparing
September 7th

September 21st

Save the Date for Implementing Best
Practices:A Statewide Conference for
Municipal Officials and Staff

Announcing Year Three of the Community

Compact Cabinet Program

August 3rd

August 17th
DLS Provides Municipal Law Books (Bulletin 39)
to Municipalities at No Cost

FY18 Budget Update and Related Items
July 6th

July 20th
Secretary Lepore Highlights the FY18 Capital Budget

 A Long-Term Perspective on Proposition 2 1/2 Overrides
June 1st

June 15th
What's the Number? A Look at FY17
New Growth: Part 2

Announcing the FY17 Community
Compact IT Grant Program Awards
May 4th

May 18th
Statewide Expansion of Enterprise Funds

Springing into Budget and Town
April 6th

April 20th
Submitting the LA-4 in a Certification Year

Efficiency and Regionalization Grants:
Round Two Awarded
March 2nd

March 17th
DLS Staff Receive Awards for Exemplary
Public Service

Modernization of Gateway Schedule A
February 2nd

February 16th
Ask DLS: Municipal Modernization

FY2017 Single-Family Residential Tax Bill
January 5th

January 19th

2016 City & Town

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