Guide Divorce, Child Support, and your Retirement Benefits

Because your pension is generally considered a marital asset, it may be subject to division in a divorce. A domestic relations order (DRO) is a judgement, decree or order that sets out how your retirement benefits are to be divided in a divorce. It must be reviewed and accepted by your retirement system prior to your retirement to ensure it complies with Massachusetts General Laws and is enforceable. Child support orders can also affect how your pension is distributed in retirement.

Download Guide to Domestic Relations Orders and Sample DRO

Child Support Orders

  • If you owe past child support, your retirement allowance, or contributions if requesting a refund, can be attached to satisfy that order before you receive any benefits. 
  • No support order can create a benefit or entitlement inconsistent with retirement law.
  • Retirement systems must comply with the Act to Improve the Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Program.

Divorce after retirement

  • If your spouse was your Option C beneficiary when you retired and you later divorced, he/she will remain your Option C beneficiary. 
  • You cannot make changes to the Option C beneficiary once you retire, even if you remarry. 


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