How to Access your Vaccination Records Using My Vax Records

Request, view and print your vaccination records and your COVID-19 SMART Health Card from the official Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS).

Table of Contents

Step 1: Go to My Vax Records

My Vax Records homepage

Go to:

Then, click "Find my vaccine record" to begin.

Step 2: Enter your information

My Vax Records: enter your information

To find your record, the system requires the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Either Cell Phone OR Email
  • Birth Date
  • Gender

Note: You will need to be able to get to the cellphone or email you enter in order to receive the link to access your record.

Then, check the box to indicate you are not a robot.

Finally, once your information has been entered and your PIN has been created, click Submit

Step 3: Your Request has been Received

My Vax Records: Request Received

A confirmation page is displayed once your request has been successfully submitted.

The MIIS will search for the information you entered.

If no match is found or you need to access another record for a dependent, you may try again with different information by clicking the Please fill out the form again link.

Step 4: Notifications

Notifications will be sent via text message or email depending on the contact method you selected. Check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive an email. Contact your phone carrier if you do not receive a text.

Match Found

My Vax Records record found text

If a match was found in the MIIS, the notification will include a link to view your record. Click the link to access your record.

The link will remain active for 24 hours. If you do not access your record within that time, you will need to resubmit a new request.

My Vax Records found webpage

Match Not Found

My Vax Records record not found text

If a match was not found in the MIIS, the notification will include a link to try again or go to our help section for tips for how to access your record.

My Vax Records not found webpage

Step 5: Access your record

My Vax Records PIN

To confirm you are the person who originated the request, enter the 4-digit PIN you created.

Then click Submit.

Step 6: Your MIIS COVID-19 SMART Health Card & Record

COVID-19 SMART Health Card

Access your Vaccination Records
My Vax Records QR code

Your MIIS record contains a COVID-19 SMART Health Card. This QR code can be downloaded and saved to your mobile device and can be shared when you want to share proof of your COVID-19 immunizations.

To download the SMART Health Card click the
COVID-19 SMART Health Card button.

  • Apple Phone: With iOS 15 or later you can scan the QR code to load the information into your Health App.
  • Android Phone: You can take a screenshot of your full Vaccine Record and the COVID-19 SMART Health Card and save it to your camera roll.

Immunization History

Your MIIS record also contains all other immunizations you have received that were reported to the MIIS by your Healthcare Provider. Click Print All Immunizations to print a copy of your immunization history.


What if my record is not found?

Your vaccine provider submits your vaccination record to the MIIS, but they may have provided information that's incomplete. So, it's likely we have your record, but not your correct information.

For instance:

  • Mobile phone number or email address was not included or does not match
  • Name is spelled differently
  • Date of birth does not match

To find your record, try re-entering your information with a different email or mobile number. If your record still isn’t found, contact your provider to update your vaccination record or request a review of your record by submitting an Immunization Record Request form. You'll be notified of our findings and remediation actions within 2-3 weeks.

If you received your vaccination from a federal agency (like the Department of Defense, Indian Health Services or Veterans Affairs), you will need to contact those agencies for assistance with your vaccination record.

What if my vaccine record is incorrect?

If the information on your vaccine record is incorrect (e.g. missing dose, wrong dates or incorrect brand), you may need to correct or update your immunization record. You can contact your healthcare provider to update your record or submit an Electronic Amendment Form. You will be notified of our findings and remediation actions within 2-3 weeks.

My healthcare provider has updated my record but I still can’t access my record, or I don’t see the updates on my record.

Once a provider submits an update, it will take 24-48 hours for the update to be visible on your record. If updates are made to your COVID-19 vaccines, you will need to access an updated SMART Health Card through the portal 24-48 hours after your healthcare provider has submitted the update.

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