Guide Massachusetts Big Tree Registry

The Department of Conservation and Recreation Forestry Program formally recognizes the largest known tree of each species, trees of historical origins and other unique and significant importance growing in the state with the Massachusetts Big Tree Registry.

Big Tree Registry

Think you know of a tree with unique and significant importance such as size, history, rare species?  The DCR's Bureau of Forest Fire Control and Forestry Big Tree and Champion Trees programs may be of interest to you.

The Bureau of Forest Fire Control and Forestry maintains two different databases for this two-step process.  The Big Tree Registry, maintained by the Urban and Community Forestry Program, accepts nominations for trees with significant importance such as size, age, historical significance and even rare species.  

Once the nomination has been processed and accepted, a trained Forester within the Forest Health team will determine if your Big Tree is a Champion Tree contender!



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Nominate a Tree

Your participation is strongly encouraged!  To nominate a tree, simply download a nomination form below.  Once the form is submitted, field inspectors will verify the tree species and measurements. 

Nominators and landowners will be notified if a tree is logged into the MA Big Tree Registry. With permission, tree information will be posted on the our website. 

Next your tree will be reviewed to determine if it is a contender for the MA Champion Tree Registry and ultimately for American Forests National Champion Tree Program.

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Is your Big Tree a Champion Tree?

Using a point system, a trained Forester will work with you to determine if your Big Tree is a Champion Tree.  The circumference is taken as well as the height and average spread of the crown to come up with the big tree points.  Within each species, the tree with the highest number of big tree points is considered the champion.

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